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That's what Happens....
You let people in and they Destroy you <'3

when people see good; they expect good and I dont want to have to live up to any ones expectations.
- Damon Salvatore

new Year, new Life.

Fuck i’m crying, screaming and smiling at the same time!

i Can’t …I just can’t!

But …seriously ….. 2 fucking weeks? O.o

12. Oktober 2012

reblogging everything thats Vampire Diaries,

and nothing hurts *-*

1. Oktober 2012

itzshellyy: :

We are, we really are the TVD Family .

We’re all rooting for the couple we like the most…

but in the End, we’re all together as one.

We cry together, we laugh together…

and yes, we fight together…

But show me one Family that doesn’t ? (:

(Quelle: maliasexyhale)

it has to be mine!!

  • English: I love you
  • German: Ich liebe dich.
  • Portuguese: Eu te amo
  • Bollywood: Maiṁ tumasē pyāra karatā hūm̐
  • Keymash: alskdfjcashbcnlasdjfan
  • Harry Potter: Always
  • Dean: Don't ever change.
  • Fangirlish: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT YOU jasdhfifhss
  • Hungarian: Szeretlek
  • Persian: Doostet daram
  • Czech: Miluju tě
  • Turkish: Seni seviyorum
  • Russian: Я тебя люблю (Ya tebya lyublyu)
  • Night at the Roxbury: WHAT IS LOVE?! Baby don't hurt me...
  • Italian: Ti amo~
  • Nightwing: Touch my ass
  • Tim Drake: Erm. Erm. Erm. Um. Erm. Erm. Hi.
  • asexual: will there be wifi
  • Korra: Look, I really like you and I think we were meant for each other!
  • Persona 3 and 4: Level 10 social link right there
  • Carly Rae Jepson: Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe?
  • Spanish: Te amo.
  • Loki: You have heart.
  • Adele: Never mind, I'll find someone like you
  • Tony Stark:
  • Ace Attorney: Thanks to you, I am saddled with... unnecessary feelings.
  • Homura: MADOKA-CHAN!!
  • Toph: *PUNCHES YOU* That's how I show affection.
  • Sokka: BOOMERANG!!
  • Mai: I don't hate you.
  • Zuko: Honor!!
  • Captain Jack Harkness: Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness.
  • Sherlock: You're an idiot.
  • John Watson: I always say "I love you", but it's usually subtext
  • Blaine Anderson: I lo- AND CUT!
  • Spock: I have been emotionally compromised
  • Ryan Murphy: MORE FINCHEL!
  • Kurt Hummel: *sipping coffee**splutters*
  • Taylor Swift: And that's the way I loved you! Breakin down and comin' undone, it's a roller coaster kinna rush and I never knew I could feel that much and that's the way I loved you.
  • Rumplestiltskin: NOBODY CAN EVER LOVE ME!
  • The Doctor: Rose Tyler... I--
  • Thor: You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.
  • Arthur: Merlin, you idiot!
  • Steven Moffat: Make them suffer. That is how I show the emotion you humans refer to as 'love'.
  • Daleks: EXTERMINATE!
  • Loki: Sentiment
  • Pepper: We were having 12% of a moment
  • Odin: HUARGH
  • Coulson: I watched you while you slept
  • Hiddlestoner: I'm uncontrollably excited about you
  • Steve Rogers: Mr. Stark...
  • Rachel: I got off the plane.
  • Welsh: Rwy'n dy garu di
  • Delena fans: I love you. And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you... I don't deserve you.
  • Stefan: *lets Elena drown*
  • Sam Winchester: You are my brother, there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you
  • Avril Lavigne: I like your smile, I like your vibe, I like your style, But that's not why I love you
  • Elena Gilbert: I don't know what i feel.
15. Mai 2012

you remember Damon meeting Elena first and letting her forget?

Now she’s a Vampire; that means she remebers!

Wuhuu Delena all the way!